Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) TM

The Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certification is designed for professionals currently working in blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency roles, or those who wish to understand and work with these technologies, in order to level up their professional skills and certify their level of competency and expertise.

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Earn your Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certificate from Blockchain Institute of Technology, and Add Blockchain-Verified, Credentialed Third-Party Proof of Your Expertise to Your Resume.

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In today’s highly-competitive professional environment, employers and business people are increasingly wary of claims about specialized knowledge and skills.

Blockchain Institute of Technology courses and certifications have been reviewed and approved for credentialing by Foundational Technologies Institute (FTI)™

How would you feel about interviewing for a blockchain-focused job or meeting about a blockchain or cryptocurrency related opportunity, knowing that you have the knowledge to confidently address it?

Just imagine, not merely claiming that you know about blockchain and cryptocurrency, but fully supporting that claim it by displaying your third-party, credentialed, blockchain-verified CBCP certificate from Blockchain Institute of Technology

What are the steps needed to earn CBCP credentials and become a Certified Blockchain Professional?

Professionals seeking to earn BIT’s Certified Blockchain Professional certificate and credentials must enroll in and pass the  CBCP certification examination. This blockchain certification examination consists of an online, timed examination with 90 questions which must be answered within a maximum time limit of 60 minutes.

Upon successful completion of the online examination and achieving a passing grade of 75%, the candidate will have earned the score required to qualify to receive a blockchain-verified Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certificate from Blockchain Institute of Technology, and be qualified to display CBCP credentials.

Additionally, a permanent record of the candidate’s certification will be recorded on a public blockchain and available for independent, third-party verification.

NOTE ON DURATION OF CERTIFICATION: CBCP certification is valid for an initial span of 2 years, and can be extended prior to expiration by taking additional continuing education courses from BIT. This is done to ensure that all CBCP certificate holders remain current in their knowledge and expertise about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP)
$ 2,995 .00
  • Exam to get CBCP Credentials
Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP)
$ 3,385 .00
  • Exam to get CBCP Credentials
  • Blockchain and bitcoin Fundamentales Course
  • Cryptocurrency Fundamentales Course
  • Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions Course
  • Blockchain Advanced Level: Uses Beyond Bitcoin Course

Need to study in order to prepare for the CBCP examination?

The CBCP examination has been developed and is offered by the Blockchain Institute of Technology to test and verify the knowledge level of candidates who aspire to earn CBCP certification, and display the CBCP credentials.

With this certification you obtain 4 preparation courses!

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions
Blockchain Advanced Level: Uses Beyond Bitcoin

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