Certified Senior Blockchain Professional (CSBCP)™

Certified Senior Blockchain Professional (CSBCP) is the most advanced level of blockchain business professional certification offered by Blockchain Institute of Technology.

CSBCP Road Map:

Upon successful completion of all requirements and approval by BIT's Board, the candidate will earn CSBCP blockchain-verified digital and physical diploma certification and credentials, and access to the BIT Decentralized Mastermind group of blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders.

Certified Senior Blockchain Professionals (CSBCP) also receive a limited edition CSBCP NFT token providing exclusive access to 2 exclusive live, in-person Decentralized Mastermind events held in sunny “blockchain capital” Miami, Florida. These events are great networking and business generating opportunities with blockchain and cryptocurrency leaders.

CSBCP enrollment and participation is a 52 week commitment, and available by invitation only as you’ll be in a small group of maximum 10 people per group and includes regularly working 1:1 extensively with George Levy and BIT core team and board members.

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