Are Blockchain Certifications Worth It?

Are Blockchain Certifications Worth It?

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“Who are working in the business with companies, and I think this is one of the strengths of the BIT program that you get in touch.

Hi, I’m George Levy, CEO of Blockchain Institute of Technology, the world standard for blockchain education and certification. In this video, I will be answering a very common question, which is are blockchain certifications worth it? In this video, I’ll tell you exactly why Blockchain Institute of Technology certifications are worth it and why sometimes you really have to pay attention as to which blockchain certification you may be evaluating. Blockchain Institute of Technology has been issuing blockchain certifications since 2017. We have over 170,000 students in more than 190 countries, and we’ve worked with many of the world’s leading brands, including World Bank, Fannie Mae, Ernst & Young, just to name a few. Many certified blockchain professionals are currently holding very high level positions in many of the world’s leading brands, as well as being startups leading, very popular and very successful startups. If you’re actually looking at adding blockchain technology into your list of skills and being able to either apply for a job or you’re considering doing your own startup. Whether you have an idea for a cryptocurrency, you have an idea for a metaverse, or NFTs. Or anything related to blockchain. Becoming certified from Blockchain Institute of Technology will give you the tools and the knowledge you’ll need to be able to succeed in these areas.

We have a global community of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts who will be part of your network when you become certified from Blockchain Institute of Technology. If you’re looking at learning more about certified Blockchain Professional certification from BIT and want to learn more about the certificate offers from Blockchaininstitute Technology, I encourage you to visit If you go to, you will see a short video which explains what blockchain certification from BIT is all about, and you’ll hear from many of the students all around the world. At this moment, I want to share and move over so you can actually hear it directly from Blockchain Institute of Technology alumni.

My experience with BIT has been fantastic. George Levy is an excellent instructor. His courses and programs do a great job of providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in blockchain. My certified Blockchain Professional credential helped me change my path and pursue a career in something that I’m deeply passionate about. I would highly recommend George Levy and the Blockchain Institute of Technology for your blockchain education needs.

I’m a Certified Blockchain Professional through the Blockchain Institute of Technology, and I’ve completed that program, and I’ve completed the Onsite immersion program.

I originally chose BIT for the quality of content combined with George Levy’s hands-on and frankly, personal approach to the subject matter. He’s very excited about it, and with that approach, he extended beyond providing the educational material, which BIT does very well, but it also focuses on building
and strengthening the community of blockchain professionals.

Always seeking to continuously grow that community and that network and all the associated

benefits that networking provide present themselves.

I can only recommend BIT Courses and program because first of all, you get a very strong foundation with the first course that I mentioned. And then later on you will get deeper into the blockchain business because George will introduce you to people who are working in the business with companies. And I think this is one of the strengths of the BIT program, that you get in touch, really in touch with the blockchain business.

My experience with BIT has been exciting. From starting the courses to receiving certification. The courses are easy to follow, there is a lot of information provided. So the individual courses, they do pack a punch, but they give you the ability to pause. You can review at any time. It’s great for work life balance. You can achieve your certification in your own pace, at your own pace, in your own time. If you have any questions, you are free to reach out to George, bounce ideas off of him, and he usually provides frequent updates, so you may see updates to your courses occasionally. And that’s just due to the evolution of the space really, because cryptocurrency, blockchains, these things evolve constantly. And as things change course material, then that’s also updated as well.

If you’re looking to upgrade your knowledge, get some good basic knowledge or gain a certification that can take you further in your career. Getting a Certified Blockchain Professional certification through the Blockchain Institute of Technology is the way to go.

One of the key questions that people ask themselves is how can I find jobs after earning a blockchain certification? This is actually a very valuable question, and what you need to understand is that many times when it comes to blockchain, the jobs will find you. And the reason is, if you actively look for blockchain jobs right now, you’ll find that there are thousands of jobs, whether it’s in Blockchain, whether it’s in Web3, whether it’s in Metaverse, whether it’s in NFTs. All of these areas are looking for people. There are thousands of jobs currently open and have been open for months. The reason is because there are just not enough people that understand blockchain technology. What you will also find is that the majority of these jobs will be actively recruiting. And that’s because recruiters are constantly looking for people who have become blockchain certified in order to be able to assume these jobs that are currently being hired for. So if you’re actively looking to get a job in blockchain, your best bet is to become blockchain certified. When you become a Certified Blockchain Professional for Blockchain Institute of Technology, you not only learn the skills, you also become blockchain verified and receive a certificate not only from Blockchain Institute of Technology, but it’s also third party credentialed and internationally recognized, recorded on the blockchain, so anybody can verify that you truly know the blockchain skills that you’re claiming that you know. When also you become certified by Blockchain Institute of Technology, you also join our global community of blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals actively working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces. What this means is that you don’t simply reach out into the blockchain space without knowing anyone. You will have a global community of blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals actively working in the space. This truly helps you as you move forward with your professional plans. At this moment, I want to share with you a few words from some of our Blockchain Institute of Technology alumni.

I’ve had a tremendous amount of success with this thing. I’ve talked at universities, I’ve talked to different groups, I’ve talked to a whole bunch of different people all around the world. We started dealing with so many different aspects of blockchain related activities. Now we’re getting into NFTs and things like that. 150,000% endorse this course and this particular mode of action, and I encourage anyone to go ahead and take it, especially in the times that we have right now.

I live in Portugal, in Western Europe, and I did the professional certification, professional certification with BIT because I want to learn more about Blockchain and their applications. In reality, my first, let’s say, learning about Blockchain was with the course that I made with Coursera together with INSEAD business school in France, and of course was leaded by Don Tapscott, which is a Canadian highly knowledgeable in blockchain, and also his son Alex Tapscott. But they were quite theoretical, a lot of theory, and I wanted to be more practical. I wanted to learn how to put the knowledge in practice.

I hope you enjoyed this video and that you learned something in the process. I bring you brand new videos every single week, so make sure to subscribe to this channel. And if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I would love to hear from you. Until next time. I’m George Levy. We’re changing the world one blockchain at a time. See you next time.

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