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Blockchain Institute of Technology and BitBasel: Charting a New Course at Mining Disrupt Event 2023

Art, Blockchain, and Education converge in an extraordinary event, as BitBasel unveils exclusive membership plans and the groundbreaking “Moonrider” project.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, July 20, 2023 – Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT), The World Standard for Blockchain Education and Certification ®, is delighted to announce its media partnership for the upcoming Mining Disrupt Conference, taking place from July 25-27, 2023, in Miami, Florida.

BIT aligns with BitBasel, an innovative collective at the forefront of blending art and decentralized technology. BitBasel, evolving from a digital art event, has become a significant influencer in the global crypto community. They have actively contributed to the rise of Bitcoin, NFTs, and played a pivotal role in establishing Miami as a global crypto hub. BitBasel has empowered grassroots creators with the tools to launch their first NFT collections and succeed in the Web3 world since 2013.

This partnership is poised to reveal a treasure trove of exclusive interviews and captivating content from the event. A highlight will be an interview by George Levy, founder of BIT, with Scarlett Arana, co-founder of BitBasel, focusing on a unique art piece titled “Moonrider” by Modernist. Set to revolutionize the fusion of blockchain, art, and space exploration, “Moonrider” is a physical and digital asset whose digital twin will embark on a historic lunar journey in Q3 2023. This remarkable piece will also serve as a pivotal element in George Levy’s course on “Bitcoin Ordinal Fundamentals.

BitBasel seizes the MiningDisrupt event to reveal its unique membership plans, designed to cater to artists and tech enthusiasts at various stages of their blockchain journey. These plans aim to enrich the blockchain community, enable creators, and drive growth in the Web3 world.

“We are exhilarated about this partnership,” said George Levy, founder of BIT. Scarlett Arana, responsible for the launch of the novel BitBasel membership offering, added, “This collaboration illuminates the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology, reaching beyond tech realms into artistic and social spheres, even extending to outer space.”

Join us at MiningDisrupt 2023, where the future of technology, education, and artistry intersect in an unforgettable event!

About Mining Disrupt:

Mining Disrupt Conference will be held on July 25th-27th in Miami at the Miami Airport Convention Center. This is their 5th edition and largest event to date, with over 100 companies exhibiting and/or sponsoring around 5000 attendees and some of the most prominent speakers from the mining industry and the bitcoin space. 2 days and 3 nights of insightful learning, networking, and social events. For more information 



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