create wealth using decentralization

You’re talking about? How can you actually create wealth by using decentralization, Web3 and Participate to Earn economics, which is a topic that not many people know about.

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Hi, and welcome to Changing the World One Blockchain at a Time, where we feature the leading minds and personalities in Blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency. I’m George Levy and today’s guest is Dara Albright. Dara Albright is the co founder of Dwealth Education and the host of the Decent Millionaire podcast. Both platforms are focused on helping people discover the unprecedented wealth creating potential of decentralization, Web3 and Participate to Earn economics. Albright serves on the boards of multiple fintech blockchain companies and is on a mission to show how decentralized innovation can ensure economic growth as well as comprehensive access to quality health care and ample retirement savings for all. Dara, it’s such a pleasure to have you on the show. Welcome.

Oh, thank you so much, George. It is so great to be here.

I just want to let you know that I had an incredible time being with you at your exhibit over at Web3 Expo live in Las Vegas. I had the great opportunity to have Blockchain Institute of Technology working with you and we had a great opportunity to just share blockchain education to the audience. What a great opportunity. And thank you very much for making that happen.

You know what? Thank you, George, because honestly, your presentation was truly the best intro to blockchain course I’ve ever seen. So, I mean, thank you for that because it was enlightening and you just have this way about bringing this complex topic to the masses in a way that everybody can understand, and I think that’s what’s really needed out there now.

That’s excellent and I really appreciate that. One of the things why I enjoy so much working with you is because you also have a different approach to education and you’re targeting a very, very required area. You’re talking about how can you actually create wealth by using decentralization Web3 and Participate to Earn economics, which is a topic that not many people know about. So that’s where I want to start our conversation. Can you tell us a little bit more about what is Participate to Earn economics?

Create Wealth Using Decentralization

Okay, yeah, great question, and thank you for asking. Most people don’t know about it. They’ve never heard about it before because this is really all brand new. But essentially what participate to earn economics is exactly what it sounds. It is a way of earning money by participating in some sort of an activity. And if you look at in the past, typically, how would people earn money? They would wake up in the morning, go to there, get their coffee, go to their job and get there, collect their paycheck, and the world is now changing and decentralized innovation and Web three made it possible so that now people could find all these other ways basically, of generating income. It’s a supplemental type of income, but by participating so whether it is browsing the Internet, there could be an opportunity for you to actually get paid from looking at advertisements, whether it’s referring friends to different kinds of products, you could get paid for that. Whether it’s a great area is in the healthcare space and move to earn or help to earn. So whether it’s going to the doctor, make sure you’re getting your annual physicals in or making sure that you’re exercising ways to get compensation and learning.

So even people participating in different programs have a way to actually monetize their knowledge by earning various tokens while also learning and accumulating the content. So that’s where I think the whole world is going and we’ve seen a lot of that start to emerge in the play to earn space. I think that that was really just the very tip of the iceberg. And I think that now we’re seeing that kind of mentality seep into really every facet of our lives and we’re going to be able to then now start collecting capital from all the, from basically we’re basically able to monetize our daily activities, our daily routines.

One of the things that’s interesting about the whole topic is that you actually talk about earning tokens. And what we got to say is that a lot of this is being made possible because of the advent of cryptocurrencies, right? Because a lot of the earnings you’re actually earning tokens, which is not necessarily directly fiat cash, it’s actually cryptocurrencies. And you need to know how to use cryptocurrencies so that you can actually leverage this earning potential that you’re talking about. So I think it’s so important what you’re doing to actually educate people on how they can actually participate in this. Participate to earn economy, oh, 100% and you’re spot on.

And really we have blockchain to thank for this because it made it possible. We decentralize innovation. This made it all possible. And you know, NFTs everything that we’re seeing now that’s happening in finance made participate to earn economics possible. So for the first time we have the opportunity to do this. But it even expands even well beyond what people could even imagine. Because ultimately what’s going to happen is that we’re going to see a lot of the tokens that people earn are supported by real world assets and we’re going to basically see a whole economic ecosystem emerge where people will truly be able to use that to basically transform their situations. People will be able to get healthier just by earning money, by exercising. They’re incentivized to do something, they’re incentivized to get smarter, they’re incentivized to get healthier. And even in other programs and other apps incentivized to save. We’re seeing all these new web three apps that are emerging behind the scenes. It’s just that nobody knows about them yet. And I feel like I’m on a mission to bring that out to the masses.

That’s a very powerful mission. I’m really glad that actually you’re here spreading the mission. You said a key point. We talked about decentralization and I know a lot of what you talk about, like the decent millionaire. I want to get into context of like, where does decent millionaire and you play a little bit on decentralization. Tell me a little bit, what industries do you believe are most expected to be impacted by decentralization? Tell me more.

I mean, I think that there won’t be an industry on the planet that I mean, every single industry on the planet will be impacted by decentralized innovation. And that’s everything. It’s every facet of our society. I mean, it is in politics, it’s in governance, it’s in finance, it’s in media, which I think is really huge. It’s in health care, it’s in education, it’s going to be in retirement, in our shopping, in our personal finance. I mean, you name it, it’s going to be impacted. And I think what we’re seeing really happening unfolding all over the world right now, we’re seeing it start to happen, we’re seeing those changes play out. And I think that it’s interesting because you’re seeing a lot of the people in the traditional world looking at this and saying, okay, we are about to be disrupted in a very big way. And I think now they’re really feeling it. Now they’re really seeing it. And so now, you know, when things are going crazy all over the world, we know that this is happening.


You know, one thing that’s interesting about what you say, I use the term disruption, but in disruption, whereas there is threat for some, there’s opportunity for others. Exactly. And what I love about where you’re coming from is saying keep your eyes open because this is what’s going on in the world right now. And if you step in in this opportunity, you have a chance to take advantage of it, otherwise you’ll be left behind. I get it. Now, following on that, who do you think is going to benefit the most from humanity’s move to decentralization? How do you feel that?

Yeah, I mean, I think it’s we the people. I mean, that’s really what we’re seeing. So exactly your point that you said you see that someone’s going to benefit from it, who’s going to benefit the most and then someone is going to be disrupted. Well, I think that the people being disrupted are your traditional centralized figures in power. So whether that’s centralized finance, I call it big FINA, like big pharma, I call it big fine. But I think that even big pharma, I think you’re going to see really interesting when you look at even the healthcare industry, right, think about this, George. When you go to the doctor, they’re prescribing all of these pharmaceuticals for you and your insurance covers it does your insurance cover any kind of holistic remedies? No. Holistic remedies are really saving people’s lives. They’re helping people in a really big way. And people don’t have the opportunity to really get access to that because their insurance won’t cover it. So I think that we’re going to see the healthcare industry changing where more people will have access to more holistic remedies and things that will keep them healthier and living longer.

So I think it’s really interesting to see how this all plays out, but it’s definitely we the people when it comes to finance. We the people. We haven’t had access to as many opportunities as say, the 1% have had throughout the world, and now we do. And we started seeing that slowly. Seep in over the years, because technology, especially digitalization, made that possible. We saw a lot of what is called peer to peer, peer to peer investing, peer to peer lending, and now it’s taken to the next level through blockchain and smart contracts. We can create wealth through decentralization. And we don’t need that middle man essentially putting their hand in our pockets. We’re able to do that ourselves. So it’s we the people. And I think it’s a great time for humanity. It’s a great time to be alive because this is pure freedom. It’s economic freedom, it’s health freedom. It’s freedom in every sense of the word.

That’s excellent. So let me ask you a question because that’s actually a very inspiring vision. How can people right now, from the audience right here, if they want to start right now, taking advantage of decentralized innovation in web three to create wealth through decentralization? What are some recommendations you could give the audience right now we could share?

Sure. So first of all, I would say definitely start looking and researching web three. You could look at web three apps where that that’s basically what decent millionaire is focused on. I mean, we’re out there showcasing and highlighting all of the innovation that we’re seeing in the space and what we think are really interesting web three apps where people could really capitalize on and monetize. So, I mean, feel free to come, obviously, to check us out on a decent millionaire and see what’s coming down the pike. But I would suggest to people that they really start doing some research on it. I think you’re going to start to see a lot of web three companies even starting to go public soon and accessing the public market. So even for investors out there, there’s probably an opportunity to even capitalize on this in the more traditional manner. But even for someone who doesn’t have any money whatsoever at all, you could actually find some of these apps that are out there. We’re happy to show them to you and start, get started just participating, start building up a retirement portfolio or any kind of financial portfolio of savings just by out there participating.

How can people find out more about Decent Millionaire? If someone wants to follow you where can they go? Do you have a website? Social media?

Yeah. So the best place to go is on my Substack, which is, and you’ll find in their podcast. In fact, we’re going to be recording a podcast right after with you as my guest on our dual blockchain podcasting today. And it’s a great way for people to really get in touch and get to know all the leaders in the space through the podcast. Great articles, videos. I think that this is a very exciting time and where I’m in the middle of writing a book. And so between the book, the podcast, we’re going to start to do some TV shows soon that will be coming to your television set soon. And yeah, there’s going to be a lot of ways where you’re going to really be able to get access to all of these different remarkable apps out there to create wealth through decentralization.

Excellent. Thank you very much. I’m actually going to be including the link directly to is that it perfect. So I’m going to put it right here so everybody can have it. I’m also going to have it in the description to the video. And what a pleasure to have you, Dara Albright. It is excellent to see you. I wish you much success and spreading the mission you’re doing a very, very powerful, powerful mission. Thank you.

Thank you so much. George, same as you.

I hope you enjoyed this video and that you learned something in the process. I bring you brand new videos every single week, so make sure to subscribe to this channel. And if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I would love to hear from you. Until next time. I’m George Levy. We’re changing the world one blockchain at a time. See you next time.

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