Did the FBI just crack the cryptography in Bitcoin?

As the media announces that the FBI has been able to recover a large portion of the Bitcoin ransom paid for the Ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, many people have been saying that the FBI was able to crack the cryptography in Bitcoin in order to retrieve the bitcoins.

The story is quite different… and given the impact, it's actually a bit funny to see how justice has been served.

Links Presented in the Video:

Russian Hacker tried to cash out via coinbase? https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/nuwi3w/russian_hacker_tried_to_cash_out_via_coinbase/ Images and

Warrant Referenced: https://postimg.cc/5X2hpZ6y

US investigators recover a ‘majority’ of bitcoin ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline to Russian hackers

BitRef – Check Bitcoin Wallet Address Balances https://bitref.com/

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