How do I become a Certified Blockchain Professional?

Blockchain technology is one of the most promising innovations since global connectivity through the Internet and there are application areas in numerous industries that can be optimized by a blockchain solution.

With Blockchain Institute of Technology‘s Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) Certification, you now have the opportunity to gain and prove your knowledge of blockchain technology, and certify your expertise with a globally recognized certificate.

Become an expert of tomorrow

As a Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP), you will have detailed knowledge of the development and characteristics of blockchain technology, and you will gain an in-depth understanding of how decentralized distributed systems work, the key role cryptography plays, and how consensus mechanisms work. Furthermore, you can apply to a specific industry and represent individual functionalities through a blockchain solution.

Wanted in many industries!

Blockchain technology offers the opportunity for new, innovative business concepts. Transactions or investments can be made in new ways, supply chains are transparently displayed and automated. In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, patient data is encrypted and insurance companies can prevent fraud. A few of the professional titles and profiles that can benefit from Certified Blockchain Professional certification include:

  • Financial professionals and investment advisors
  • Controllers and accountants
  • IT professionals and programmers
  • Management consultants and project managers
  • Logistics and supply chain managers
  • Insurers and quality inspectors
  • Professors and other teaching staff
  • Students and young professionals

A wide range of companies are currently looking more and more for blockchain experts to help them open new business areas or improve processes. Certification can help you build your skills to take on a key position in these companies or break completely new ground in the blockchain ecosystem.

Our courses and exams are developed by blockchain experts and industry representatives, and are continuously updated to reflect the latest developments in blockchain technology.

Blockchain Institute of Technology is
The World Standard for Blockchain Education and Certification.™

There is a massive need for professionals with qualifications in the field of Blockchain.

Many companies are currently desperately looking for new employees with various qualifications in the field of blockchain technology, but they are scarce and therefore in high demand. Expand your qualifications in this exciting field with a world standard certification and increase your chances of landing your dream job!

Evidence of qualification is of great importance

Emerging career field with great opportunities

Until now, there have been few ways to prove your expert knowledge in blockchain technology. Show your employer (or future employer!) that you have a broad knowledge in this field through our high-quality world standard certification!

Some of our Certificate Courses:

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Learn the key elements of blockchain and Bitcoin in a highly effective online certificate course, and accompanying PDF glossary.
Learn more about this course.

Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Learn the key elements of cryptocurrency including how to use, buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency in an online certificate course. FREE Downloadable PDF “Cryptocurrency Exchange: Starter Guide”.
Learn more about this course.

Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions

Learn how Bitcoin transactions work and how they are structured. This is an advanced-level online certificate course for business professionals.
Learn more about this course.

Blockchain Advanced Level: Uses Beyond Bitcoin

Learn and understand real world applications of blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin.
Learn more about this course.

NFT Fundamentals

Quickly get the hands-on, working knowledge you need to buy, create and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and earn your certificate of completion from a globally recognized blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency expert.
Learn more about this course.

Metaverse Fundamentals: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Learn Key Elements of the Metaverse, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Even Create Your Own Avatar in the Metaverse.
Learn more about this course.

Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Learn how blockchain technology is being used to enable and deliver more secure, transparent and efficient supply chains
Learn more about this course.

Cryptocurrency for Your Business

Safely accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to gain new customers and drive sales, while avoiding market price drops.
Learn more about this course.

Blockchain Programming Fundamentals: Ethereum and Solidity

Learn the tools you need as a blockchain developer, and successfully code your first smart contracts on Ethereum.
Learn more about this course.

Create a Metaverse Using Three.js, Solidity and NFT Tokens

Learn the key elements to create your own Metaverse using Three.js, Smart Contracts in Solidity and NFT Tokens!
Learn more about this course.

Enroll in Our Certified Professional Certification:

Certified Blockchain Professional Curriculum and Examination VIP Offer

Finally, if you are interested but no least you will learn with all above mentioned video courses and do an exam for the Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certification.

Learn more about Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) Certification.


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