A Few Words From BIT Certified Professionals

John Lewis, cbcp

Helped Me Change My Path and Pursue a Career in Something I'm Deeply Passionate About.

Sam Rauch, cbcp

I'm a Certified Blockchain Professional. I originally chose BIT for quality of content.

KamI sorusch, csbcp

I recommend BIT courses and programs because you get a strong foundation..

Kellyann Beepat, CBCP

BIT Courses Provide a “One Stop Understanding” of Blockchain Technology.

Joao Ralha, PHD, CSBCP

What I would say to someone considering to get the Blockchain Professional Certification, there is a great opportunity.

Ibrahim Downey, CBCP

I encourage anyone to go ahead and take it [BIT Courses] especially in the times that we have right now.

Peter Grabec, CBCP

It was especially the emphasis on the real world applications of blockchain technology that stood out for me.

Sid owsley, cbcp

Getting a Certified Blockchain Professional Certification through the Blockchain Institute of Technology is the way to go